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Establishing a logistics company in Vietnam

1) What types of companies can foreign investors establish to provide logistics services in Vietnam?

Depending on the number of members and the type of service, investors can choose one of the following types:

- One member limited liability company;

- Limited Liability Company Two or more members;

- Joint Stock Company.

2) How many % of capital can a foreign investor own in a company to provide logistics services?

Depending on the type of service, investors can invest 100% or enter into joint ventures with domestic investors according to a certain rate schedule.

Specifically, the ratio of foreign investment capital in logistics service companies with specific services:

1. Cargo transportation services of sea transport services (except domestic transport): 49%

2. Container loading and unloading service (supporting sea transportation): 50%

3. Container loading and unloading services belong to services that support all modes of transport, except services provided at airports: 50%

4. Customs clearance services under sea transport support services: 100%

5. Bill of lading checking services, freight brokerage services, cargo inspection, sampling and weighing services; receiving and accepting services; transport document preparation service: 100%

6. Cargo transportation services (inland waterways): 49%

7. Cargo transportation services (railway): 49%

8. Cargo transportation services (road): 51%

9. Warehousing services: 100%

10. Cargo agency services: 100%

11. Delivery service: 100%

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