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Casino business is a conditional business activity, subject to strict control by competent state management agencies to ensure that the operation complies with the provisions of law.

According to the provisions of Decree 03/2017/ND-CP, casino business must be associated with the main business activities of the enterprise in order to promote the development of tourism, commerce, diversify forms of entertainment, enrich the spiritual life and attract tourists; must ensure security, national defense, social order and safety, social ethics and community health. Accordingly, enterprises wishing to operate a casino must meet the conditions to be granted a Certificate of Investment Registration for a project of a service, tourism and entertainment complex with a casino and a Certificate of eligibility. casino business.

Conditions for issuance of the Certificate of investment registration for a project of a general service, tourism and entertainment zone with a casino:

According to the provisions of Article 23 of Decree 03/2017/ND-CP, an enterprise may only be granted an investment registration certificate for a service, tourism and entertainment complex project with a casino when it meets the following conditions: the following case:

1) Having been approved by the competent authority on the policy of allowing the implementation of the casino project;

2) Casino business can only be granted an Investment Registration Certificate attached to a project of a general service, tourism and entertainment zone with minimum investment items such as: Hotel, service area , tourism, commerce, entertainment, convention center;

3) Minimum investment capital of the project is 02 billion USD;

4) Having feasible plans and measures suitable to Vietnam's conditions in order to control and limit negative impacts of casino business activities.

Conditions for issuance of Certificate of eligibility for casino business in Vietnam

To be granted an investment registration certificate by a competent state management agency or decide on investment policies, including casino business;

The enterprise has completed the disbursement of investment capital of at least 50% of the total investment capital of the project registered in the Investment Registration Certificate or investment policy decision;

There is an area to arrange a casino business point that fully meets the following conditions:

- There is a separate entrance and exit;

- Having electronic equipment and camera system to regularly monitor and monitor all activities in the casino business point (24/24 hours), in which the following basic locations must be monitored: Doors and entrances to the casino business point, the area where the game machines are located, the game table, the cashier area, the vault area for counting cash, conventional coins and storing equipment for cash and coins convention money. Images monitored via electronic devices and camera systems at basic locations must be stored for at least 6 months from the date of recording. In case of necessity, the storage time may be longer at the request of the competent state management agency;

- Having a security force, having adequate equipment for protection, fire and explosion prevention and fighting, emergency exits, ensuring security and safety in accordance with relevant laws;

- Having all the entry and exit rules posted in Vietnamese, English and other foreign languages ​​(if any) in a recognizable position at the entrance and exit of the casino business point.

Having a manager or operator of a casino with at least a university degree or higher, with at least 01 year of experience in managing casino business activities.

Having a business operation plan including the following contents: Information about the enterprise, information on the implementation of the investment project, time limit for applying for a license to operate casino, expected number of game machines, Game tables, types of business prize-winning games, business efficiency assessment, forecast demand for foreign currency revenue and expenditure, solutions to ensure security, order and social safety for casino business points and implementation plan.

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